Prairie home companion download mp3

prairie home companion download mp3

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  • Many thanks to jimdagys! I'm looking at the April 25, show, and there's no link to download the full show - neither of the above methods are working for it. This seems to companuon a problem with a lot of the shows - they're divided up into sections with no full show link. Does anyone have any advice? Yes, I see that there is no "Listen to the whole show" link. There are 18 segment audio files, however. I noticed that some of the dwonload shows don't even have the segment files links, just nothing.

    I downloaded all 18 segment audio files.

    A Prairie Home Companion for October 28,

    I don't know if all 18 will cover the entire minutes of the 2 hour show. Maybe they can fix the website and that would help a lot of other people too. Last edited by jimdagys; 5th Nov at Thank you so, so much for that zip file, jimdagys - those clips contained exactly the parts of the show I needed!!! I'm working my way backwards saving the shows, I've got so far using your methods, and I'm slowly working my way through with Orbit.

    I sent companon message to PHC earlier this week asking if there were full show links for the shows, but so far no response. Are any of you able to download the October 11, show which was replayed again and archived again on March 26, ? I can't even get the link to open to listen.

    prairie home companion download mp3

    What I am trying to find is the episode where GK talks about at weddings they play a march at the end Anyone know where that is? I am hoping it's these episodes. There is only one Prairie Home Companion show out of thousands that I thought prairie outstanding, and that is the only one that I long ago downloaded the audio and saved it in my email. They play a wedding march in this episode.

    If it is the one you want, that would be quite a coincidence. Last edited by jimdagys; 27th May at This is home the episode I am looking for. I have literally spent years looking for it off and on - and then you just happened companion have it! Thank you! This thread was a HUGE help in getting a large project started - I download attempting to save every episode that the site hosted in order to make a large flash drive that my mom could keep in her car for her numerous trips back and forth to care for mp3 mom.

    A Prairie Home Companion for October 17,

    In light of yesterday's news, the archives were abruptly erased right as I was in the middle of a season. I'm devastated by the idea that these episodes could be lost forever.

    Oct 17,  · A Prairie Home Companion for October 17, Download MP3. | of photos. Krause, Johansen. Gillian Welch & David Rawlings. Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, with oldtime duo Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, James and Jeanne Galway, and Russian group Trio Voronezh. Rundown - October 17, A Prairie Home Companion: The 4th Annual Farewell Performance. Garrison Keillor; performed by Garrison Keillor and an ensemble cast. Recorded live on June 16, at the University of Iowa, this original radio broadcast features "News From Lake Wobegon" and great guest performances from Jean Redpath, Peter Ostroushko, Greg Brown, and Tom Keith. Nov 29,  · A Prairie Home Companion - Classic rebroadcast for November 25, Download MP3. | Nick Lowe, Renee Fleming. This week's classic rebroadcast: we rewind to November and a show from The Town Hall in New York City, New York.

    By any chance, did someone else here save everything that they had? I have up to and some ofplus most of Chris Thile's tenure. I'm missing from about May '05 through mid If anybody has these, please let me know. There was somebody earlier in this thread GreenBryn who said he downloaded most of the shows. Maybe he will pipe in and help you. I got a PM - somebody wanted the Wedding March show. Yes, that's the only show I have plays with vlc.

    Maybe Minnesota Public Radio will issue a takedown notice for the following link, so you better download it while you can.

    Audio Preview

    Even if you have a link, it no longer works. I am downloading it now with Orbit. However, these rtsp links will likely soon be deleted. Forty years of cultural icon just got wiped out with a few mouse clicks. Last edited by jimdagys; 30th Nov at Originally Posted by jmosher Downlowd Posted by jimdagys. Last edited by pitweasel; 30th Nov at I just heard the news: dang it dang it dang it.

    I hate it when archives are taken down without notice. I need to doublecheck exactly what I have because I got distracted from my downloading-PHC project, but I'm happy to share whatever I have. Give me a day or two to doublecheck my hard drive and I'll let y'all know what I've got as well as what holes are in my collection that I need to fill. I don't know of a faster method.

    I wouldn't worry about those old shows disappearing right now. The engineers are like monkeys - not too smart. They probably forgot about the old rtsp files. Originally Posted downloaad jimdagys. Originally Posted by evanjackson. Please don't link to warez sites. Read our rules before posting. Moderator redwudz.

    Past Shows | A Prairie Home Companion

    GreenBryn-Please do not offer any warez links on this forum,next time there will be a ban,this thread is closed. I think,therefore i am a hamster. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page:. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. All times are GMT orairie The time now is All rights reserved.

    Solved - How to download radio show Prairie Home Companion - VideoHelp Forum

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