Star trek paper models free download

star trek paper models free download

Science Fiction Paper Models for Download. Don't forget to send a thank you note!! From Dr strangelove, Forgot I made this one. Here it is. A design by Conrad Mitchell.
  • This Week's Models (October 16th)
  • Starship Magellan - Star Trek Paper Models - SFI International
  • Free Star Trek and other Paper models. | The Trek BBS
  • Modular Space Toys - There is a few interesting modular paper spaceships in the "sheets". Nova Glasses - Science fiction paper model googles by Yukito Pia. One Monk Miniatures - A variety of different paper models mostly taken from scifi games. Paper Toy Clemper - Slime ghosts, slime cyclops, spike the rabbit moonwalker, berserker mask from predators, The Joker mask, Jurassic Park entrance gate, cyclop form the seventh voyage of sinbad and more. For those who do not know, the Cthulhu made it;s debut in in the science fiction magazine "Weird Tales" in a story called "The Call of Cthulhu".

    Planet of the Apes Icarus Model - Simple and nice. Portal Companion Cube - How to make a fully 3D not textured mapped life size card stock model of the Companion Cube from the great game Portal! Rosie Retrorocket. SD-Sascha - Final Fantasy paper papercrafts and many others, nice.

    This Week's Models (October 16th)

    Sheila's Papermodels - A Tangram, chess paaper, medieval trebuchet, doublebladed axe, spiked mace, longsword and morningstar, all very nice, especially the trebuchet. All in Download at top. SpacePort - Retro - retro spaceport diorama. Space Ship.

    Starship Magellan - Star Trek Paper Models - SFI International

    Spice Harvester - from the movie and novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Squatties - Lots of well done paper cube characters. Breaking Bad, Star Wars, zombies, and lots more. Tate in Space Paper Models. Captain America. Be sure and check in the older posts. Thunderbird Paper Fownload - Very nice. TubbyPaws - A cool diorama papercraft of a scene from Portal a very fun video game.

    star trek paper models free download

    Warhammer Terminator Helmet Prop - Very cool! Step by step process on how to create this helmet prop. There is a. PDO file for download. Assembly Robot - Nice and simple unarmed tracked vehicle robot. There is also information and directions for the International Paper Modelers Convention.

     · The Star Trek Mesh and Objects collection. Welcome to one of the most complete collections of Star Trek meshes, 3D objects and 3D models for free download on the web. Many formats, including 3D Studio MAX (3DS and MAX), Lightwave (LWO and LWS), trueSpace (COB), and more. The Printable Star Wars Papercraft Models also available in PDF file that you can download for free. This Printable Star Wars Papercraft Models will helps kids to focus while developing creativity and motor skills. Star Wars Papercraft Models Yoda – Star Wars Papercraft. Star Wars Papercraft Models Star Wars Papercraft Templates Fresh  · Free Star Trek and other Paper models. Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by KirkTrekModeler, Aug 29, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > KirkTrekModeler Commander. Joined: Aug 13, Location: Planet Fiberglass. Since there is so much interest in the TOS Bridge model. I thought I would point people toward even more Trek models.

    FireBug Mech. Giant Robo HedKase Paper Toys - New paper toy every week. Choose papertoys on the left.

    Free Star Trek and other Paper models. | The Trek BBS

    Paper Pioneer. Also here is Frankenturret. R2-D2 Papercraft. Ready Mech - Spoof on Hal Pal among many others. Robotic Claw Business Card. Great models! Testbuild will probably bebut the final kit may be 48cm or 64cm " Graphics paper the 3D model were in an album on the Papermodel SmartGroup but it is gone now. Carlos from Brasil has posted a beautiful hand-drawn and coloured rendition of the ship from the last movies First Contact to Nemesis on Paper Model Designers.

    Carlos is another new talent to appear recently - amazing star he is able to get those complex curves without computer software! Be sure to check out his photo album. Sharp eyes have spotted that not only does he have the models illuminated but there are photos of an Enterprise-D there as well! Expect big things from Brazil! USS Prometheus NX - experimental prototype the fastest ship in Starfleet when it was download designed for deep space tactical assignments and employing systems which are at the cutting edge of Federation technology including multivector assault.

    This means that the ship is actually made up of Info. Model available from Dlwnload Rukr a prolific Czech model designer who has free model downloads from "The Planet of the Apes" and "Alien" to mention but a few. Trem Space Nine Originally built by the Cardassians, it was abandoned by them after their war with Bajor. It became of strategic and trade importance when a stable wormhole to the Delta quadrant opened close to it.

    You could try posting a request in the forum to the designer free you want this. Go to Paper Starships for a download models to the general public. Lantree NCC; Miranda class c. Isao Telska, whose crew was killed after being exposed trek a modela of genetically engineered human children. She was destroyed by a photon torpedo from the U. Enterprise-D in order to prevent further contamination. Grissom, NCC Description. Model available from Martin Sanger.

    Model available from Edward at 3dPaperModel. Hand coloured Model available from Ninjatoes.

    40 Amazing Papercraft Templates for the Geek Inside You

    Link needed! From Scott K's original list. USS Enterprise NCC D Emegency Pods Located throughout both the Primary and Secondary Hulls, these ejectable lifeboats are designed to meet modes short-term survival needs of the starship crew in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Robert the Hermit has a work in progress and might do the Emergency for the Constitution Class next.

    star trek paper models free download

    A great effort for his first design! Done to small scale, you could do a whole gaggle of pods! Shuttlepod El Baz Description. Shuttle Type 6 Magellan Description. Made for the cardmodels4fun SmartGroup "spaceship challenge", one of Steve Marshall's entries, the Type 17 Shuttle captures it's proportions and curves with elegant simplicity. It might be a shade too hard for the outright beginner because of the curved front end but Steve has done some extremely easy to follow instructions, so it could be just the model to stretch a Newbies skills!

    Shuttle Chaffee Description. Model available from Ninjatoes. Danube class Runabout Description. Voyagers' AeroShuttle Description. Model available from Martin Saenger. Beautiful detailing! Voyagers' Delta Flyer Description. Nomad probe - A Pre-Federation probe launched to explore the far reaches of the galaxy. It repaired itself with the alien technology, merging its own directive with that of the aliens making it a machine that destroyed imperfections.

    It was encountered and destroyed by Cpt James T.

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